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31 year-old man

British Columbia, Canada

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Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson)


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5' 10" / 177 cm


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I've tried to write this a few times, and it just isn't me to not share the whole story.

I wasn't raised in the church. When I was 14 I committed to becoming a career criminal and by the age of 18 had been charged upwards of 50 times with 20 convictions, 2.5 years served in juvi, 5 years on probation and 6 months on house arrest. When I turned 19, I was wanted again, and had started smoking meth. When i was 20 I ended up selling large amounts of marijuana and inadvertently became addicted to crack cocaine. After 4 months of a closet addiction I had to run away. For 5 years I had to deal with a crack addiction and work legally for my first time. When I was 22 my mom got saved and Teen Challenge was in her church testifying freedom from crack; she began to sow into TC and pray for me. 3 years later I walked into a Teen Challenge in BC, and 2 weeks into my program was asked if I had been baptized - my response: " Yes, when I was a kid, I'm lutheran..." the guy laughed, and said "its not the same" The next day we were in the water, and he asked me "Have you given your life to Jesus?" my reply "No.." again he laughed and began to preach the Gospel. In that moment I gave my life to Jesus, was baptized and when i came up all i saw was a light that flashed on me, my body flooded with love, joy and peace, and I dropped face down into the water for about 10 minutes. They were holding me out of the water so I didn't drown haha. I've been changed ever since.

Also all my charges got aquitted.... after pleading guilty. First time in 14 years I'm a completely free man. .. I love going to Redding :)

I highly value worship, honor, relationships, intimacy and most of all Love. I honor the Bethel house, and appreciate their ministries. I go to Stacey Campbells church.

I'm looking for a normal Christian woman. A woman that has a heart to worship in the best and the worst, that's willing to go to the fight, and also passionately loves.

A little about Mathew
Six things I wouldn't want to live without:
  1. Jesus
  2. My wife (when I meet her)
  3. Bethel Music
  4. Bed
  5. Running water (but I will if i have to)
  6. iPhone
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Bethel Church (Pastor: Bill Johnson)


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