7 Quick Tips To Spruce Up Your Online Profile

Online profile 
There are many profiles to look through when online dating.  This can be both overwhelming and time consuming.  I’d suggest setting up 2 to 4 half hour sessions a week to go through these.  One of the best ways to get quality men and women to see yours and create some kind of connection is to have a great profile! 
Here’s 7 Quick Tips to Spruce Up Your Online Profile:
1. Use 3-4 professional style photos. At least one full body and one close up or head shot. Please don’t post a photo in your bathing suit (tacky for women), with your shirt off (tacky for men), or multiple group shots.  These photos are to highlight YOU, not all your fabulous friends and family members! If you can’t afford professional photography, have a close friend take some nice shots of you that are clear and not blurry.  Please, no selfies!
2.  Keep it short and sweet.  There’s nothing worse than someone getting bored reading your profile because it was too long.  It’s to highlight who you are: your personality, strengths, heart and the kind of man or woman you’re looking for. People connect and fall in love with someone because of who they are, not what they do. There are normally specific places to state what you do and activities you enjoy.
3.  Let your fun side shine through!  If you’re witty, use language that expresses that.  If you’re outdoorsy, let others know what hikes you enjoy.  If you’re the life of the party, use words and photos that show that.  Let YOU come through in all aspects. 
4.  Take negativity or any past relationship baggage out of your profile.  Period.
5.  Don’t put any wording that insinuates “I’m just trying this out.”  That’s a sure fire way to get very little response or repel quality men and women.
6.  In the what you’re looking for section, focus on the important pieces that will describe who that person is, not the superficial pieces having to do with looks or financial status.
7. Ask a close friend what 3 words they would use to best describe who you are (not what you do). Have them then look at your profile and see if this is what shines through!
Wendee Mannon, Dating & Relationship Coach, Staff Writer-OnDaySix, Wendee’s Bio
*Image courtesy of MichalMarcol/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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