4 Tools for Making Legendary Dates

Legendary Dates

About the writer: Bryan Locke, our guest blogger today, is an entrepreneur, business owner and a genius at creating legendary dates.

We’ve all been there: The coffee shop, the restaurant, movie theater. Stale, worn out dates have a familiar feel for singles and couples, alike. Let’s first pay our respect to these classics and recognize that those can be great dates, they just get worn out!

Why not separate yourself from the herd and dare to be creative with your dates?

Trust me, just by spending an extra 15 minutes thinking outside the box you may end up building foundational memories for your new or existing relationship. Whether you’ve been together 1 week, 1 month or 1 year, intentional dates can make ‘everyday life’ together even better!

First, a quick glimpse into my own experiences with dating and making intentional environments where dating can flourish.

Back in the day, I lived in an area booming with young, single twenty-something’s just like myself. After countless, mediocre coffee dates, it was obvious I had to make dating a little more interesting for both parties by creating fun, NEW date ideas. Instead of coffee, we would drive to a famous bakery close to town and enjoy walking around its garden. Instead of the ‘popular’ date restaurant, I would pick something new for both of us and maybe even go to an event beforehand. The results were amazing and I honestly wasn’t spending that much more time or money planning. The women were loving the fact that we were going on unique dates.

Presently, I’m enjoying the rewards of creatively dating in a relationship.

My amazing girlfriend and I have created some unforgettable, romantic memories just by exploring the world around us. Whether sailing the seas or gazing at stars, it’s set the stage for learning about one another and enjoying intentional quality time together. So…How does a guy start planning these things?

Here are 4 Tools for Making Legendary Dates:

1) COMMUNITY CALENDARS: Most people would love to check out local events…but not everybody has a person to go with! That’s where you come in – Simply type in ‘Events in San Francisco’ or ‘Event Calendar (Town You Live In)’ and start browsing! Whether it was a cupcake eating festival, dancing, cooking classes or even a murder mystery event – a quick stroll through the community calendar has rarely steered me wrong. Take a glance at your local calendar and see what jumps out at you.

Simple geography, dear Watson. Take a good, hard look at the city you live in. Do you live near a forest? Go on a hike! Live near a park with a field? Have a picnic or go for a walk! You can even use Google Maps to search for walking trails…Why don’t you try to find the best place to watch a sunset together? Nothing beats grabbing some coffee to-go and enjoying a little walk with that special lady…

3) YELP + TRIP ADVISOR: I can’t even tell you how many creative dates came from these two websites. Yelp is the Best site for finding restaurants, cute cafes and venues. Simple type in ‘dinner date’ or ‘romantic’ and kick back! It’s even getting popular in smaller cities around the US, which means everybody can use it (even UK & CA). Trip Advisor is great for museums, historical sites and touristy events/locations. Sometimes it’s pretty fun to play the ‘tourist card’ with your special somebody even if you grew up in the town. Why not go find cute antique stores downtown? Go high-brow and enjoy some vino at a fancy lounge. It’s up to you! These sites are a treasure trove for date ideas!

4) Last, but NOT least – ACTIVE LISTENING!: Your date is literally going to hand you date ideas as you get to know them. For example, while getting to know one another, I discovered that both my girlfriend and I had an interest in painting/art. This led to two outstanding dates (so far) where we walked through a beautiful museum together and another where we painted on a beach as the sun went down. Those were two simple ideas that grew into beautiful, romantic dates! And what did that cost? Museum was probably $20…Paint and paper $10? Not a bad price for creating lasting romantic memories… So listen up ladies and gents, people love being heard!

Hopefully this article has given you an idea or two. Trust me, we all love a night at home with that special somebody, but there’s no denying how much fun it can be to hit the town. If you use these four tools for making legendary dates and pair it with your awesome personality + conversation topics, you’ll be unstoppable! Please share some of your most memorable dates in the ‘comments’ section below.

Bryan Locke, International Media Buyer & Entrepreneur, Online Dating
Aficionado, Guest Blogger-OnDaySix

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