10 Dating Blunders and Mishaps I Survived as a Single Woman!

Learning to enjoy the dating process is a large piece of the journey! We can’t take it or ourselves too seriously. Here are 10 dating blunders and mishaps I survived as a single woman. I’m sure some can relate to and laugh about these with me! Most my posts are about high level beliefs; let’s laugh at these low level ones I journeyed out of together!

1) The Awkward Approach.

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2) He’s not that into you, but he is that into him!


3) Your thoughts the night after a break up or a bad date. Ever considered this option?


4) The Overactive Analysis of your Singleness.


5) The “If Jesus asked me on a date, I’d say no” stage.


6) Deliberate avoidance of Singles Awareness Day.

7) Ever looked for a date to a Christmas party frantically three weeks before, so you wouldn’t have to attend alone?

8) The extent of the dating prospects that surround you on any given day. Ever felt the odds are stacked against you?

9) Learning the ropes of online dating. Ever thought this?


Disclaimer: I met my husband by being matched by the CEO of OnDaySix, so I’m a complete believer!

10) If you’ve dated online, you’ve definitely learned this!

Remember, I survived all these situations and am now happily married to the man of my dreams!

Let’s enjoy, embrace and laugh through this journey towards marriage; it’s a whole different world than our parents lived in. Just think of all the fun stories you’ll be able to tell your children!

Wendee Mannon, Dating & Relationship Coach, Staff Writer-OnDaySix, Wendee’s Bio

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