Chivalry Isn’t Dead: 17 Old School Attributes of Men that Healthy, Modern Day Women Love

In the instant gratification, microwaveable food, text message, equal opportunity for the gender’s era that we live in, some of the somewhate old fashioned yet chivalrous gestures that pass from a man to a woman have seemed to taken a back seat.

Nice guys don’t finish last, they just marry healthy, whole women who know who they are, what they want and how they love to be treated. Attraction to the ‘bad boy’ could possibly point directly back to the woman. Everyone sets the road map of how they allow others to treat them; it is just outrageously obvious while dating, while at other times it can be hidden beneath the rug.

There is an age old phenomenon that has not changed for most women. Healthy women love and fall for gentlemen. Definition of a gentleman: a chivalrous, courteous and honorable man.

This is true during the dating stages, a committed relationship and marriage.

Yes, women are powerful this day in age, but we still love to be taken care of. Healthy women understand that a man naturally wants to take care of them, so they allow their softer side to receive and be open to true acts of affection and care from a gentleman.

Woman should be keenly aware that sometimes after a long day at the office or in their high powered career that affords them making a myriad of decisions and leading powerfully continually, they may need to reconnect with their softer, receptive feminine side when with their special someone on the weekend or evenings.

Chivalry isn’t Dead: 17 Old School Attributes of Men that Healthy, Modern Day Women Love

1. Women love men that open doors for them.

2. Women love when men walk them to their car.

3. Women love when a man makes a plan ahead of time; either for a date or the future.

4. Women love when a man expresses how he feels.

5. Women love flowers and chocolate; or any other kind of surprise gift.

6. Women love real dates out on the town.

7. Women love when a man pays for a date.

8. Women love a phone call sometimes as opposed to a text.

9. Women love being surprised by dates that show they are known by a man.

10. Women love when a man picks them up and drives them to their date. (Disclaimer: the first few dates when connecting with someone online should be done by meeting up in a public place.)

11. Women love men who don’t play games; I guess that means they love men and not boys.

12. Women love men who know what they want.

13. Women love men who aren’t afraid to take a risk.

14. Women love men who don’t always give them what they want.

15. Women love men who challenge them to be their best.

16. Women love men who are kind.

17. Women love men who show affection in public.

Thanking a man for any one of these acts of kindness can lead to many more in the future! Women, encourage the men you like when they do something that you love and let them know what you love. If that scares them away or causes them to act skiddish or disappear like Houdini, then they may not be ready for the type of relationship that will lead to marriage.

Men, if your acts of kindness scare a woman away, she may not be ready to receive the type of affection that you’re giving.

Relationships are a process, so give each other room to grow and grace to understand where the other person is at before making a rash decision about whether someone is a good match. Everyone has off days or moments, but you can definitely tell after a certain period of time what you’re dealing with.

Chivalry isn’t dead; it just may need to be revived by some and expected by others. Many men may not have been taught these incredible and simple acts of affection, but they can definitely be learned at any stage in life. Long live chivalry!

Wendee Mannon, CEO OnDaySix, Wendee’s Bio

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