5 Things to Remember As You Navigate the Dating Journey


The process of dating and choosing an amazing person to spend your life with can contain some ups and downs.

Here’s 5 things to remember as you navigate the dating journey:

1. It is a journey.

Once in a while you meet someone that married the first person they dated. I’ve only met one guy that this happened to. For whatever reason, for most, this process is a journey of self discovery, partnering with God all while opening your heart to love from a place of being loved. It takes faith, patience, perseverance and divine guidance to make such a huge choice.

2. You don’t want to just make it happen.

I’ve seen a few relationships that people made happen and had to keep making happen. The journey of dating and choosing a spouse should be done in the knowing that God is big enough to ‘hook’ you up. You get to partner with Him and move forward. We saw in the Bible what happened when Abraham decided to make something happen. Ishmael’s can add more problems than we were meant to deal with in relationship. You have an excellent ‘gut feeling’ because the Holy Spirit resides inside of you and guides you. Go with your peace.

3. Resting in God during the process is your best choice.

“When I trust, He succeeds.” Corrie Ten Boom

I love this quote. It states the gift that Christ gave us and our mindset as He purposed for Christians. That doesn’t mean we sit around and do nothing. God can’t steer a parked car. We get to focus our thoughts and intentions on His good plans for us as we take risks and move forward in and towards love. Beautiful.

4. Surround yourself with encouraging comrades.

Dating can have ups and downs. Navigating yourself towards a relationship will present opportunities to get advice and bounce situations off friends as well as share the joys and sorrows of love. Surround yourself with Godly, like-minded individuals that help keep your focus on God’s goodness and remind you how amazing you are.

5. Remember: You are amazing!

Keep this at the forefront of your mind. You are incredible. Enough said.

Enjoy the journey. You are the leading woman or man in your own love story partnered with a God who loves you more than you could imagine!

Wendee Mannon, Dating & Relationship Coach, Staff Writer-OnDaySix, Wendee’s Bio

Image courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net/”Love” by gubgib

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