Matt’s Christian dating rant (my opinion)

I believe as far as dating and relationships, religion and religious mindsets have badly damaged how we date. In some ways I believe the world has it more together and we as Christian’s have complicated things, overthought things and made things so much more awkward than they actually need to be. This isn’t all Christians, but there seems to be a few posts, messages and comments that I’ve seen that have really made me think and have led me to writing this rant.

One of the overarching problems I’ve seen is this misguided view of the sovereignty of God; we think that He has one person for us that He picked before the foundation of the earth and if we pick the wrong one our destiny is doomed and we have ruined our life forever!! That’s insane!

There is such a thing as THE ONE, but it’s not THE ONE God hand picked before the earth was ever made, THE ONE is the person YOU CHOOSE and commit to loving everyday for the rest of your life. That is the one.

It’s he who FIND A WIFE, find a good thing. Not he who WAITS UNTIL GOD DROPS A PERSON IN YOUR LAP. If you want to be married or you ‘burn with passion’ Paul says get married, find a wife, pursue, put yourself out there.

As Christians I find that we think we need to find someone who lined up with OUR WORDS, OUR DESTINY and OUR CALLING; but you realise how selfish that sounds? Me me me me; how about we find someone we are compatible with, love and have fun with, choose them, pursue them and be with them? Let’s lay our life down and serve and see what opportunities God brings your way as a couple. Two are better than one, so maybe we need to grow together rather than just assimilate someone into your own life.

Obviously have wisdom, and get to know someone, I’m not saying be dumb, but the fear of picking the wrong person out of a elevated perfectionist view of our own future has robbed us of making decisions now!

You have free will, and are one with the Holy Spirit, so choose, because relationships and marriage were His idea to begin with. It’s not good for man (man and woman) to be alone.

Matthew Challenor

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2 Replies to “Matt’s Christian dating rant (my opinion)”

  • Freda N. Raja

    Thank you for ranting Matt! Excellent point! I have been guilty in the past of this.

  • Judy Mason

    Sooo well said, and that from a ‘single again after 27 years’ perspective!! I didn’t make a mistake in the one I chose to marry….and I also don’t control the choices he made!!! I am free to love and LIVE again


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