How to Survive the Holidays While Single

The holidays are upon us—Christmas, New Year’s and all that they entail. What an incredible time! Not only are we celebrating the birth of our Savior who transformed our entire world completely and eternally; we also get to spend extra time with those we love and value—family, friends and co-workers.

The holiday season can also carry with it an acute awareness of being single.

Before I was married, when the holiday season would approach, it was almost like a neon sign illuminated my status of ‘party of one, please.’ This probably had much to do with the number of years I was a single adult before marriage. There were many of them. I would breathe a sigh of relief if I was in some kind of relationship during that season or had a friend date. You know, the “friend date”—that friend, normally but not always of the opposite gender, who will go with you to the annual holiday soiree without a lot of in-depth information or explanation needed.

There tends to be an overwhelmingly large amount of gatherings and parties during this time, which also tend to come with the expectation of a date, spouse or significant other.

First, there’s the work Christmas party. This is the annual work event where everyone, and I mean everyone, brings their spouse or significant other. Seeing my co-workers day in and day out at the office or in passing is different than walking through the door of the aforementioned gala, all dolled up with only me, myself and I in tow.

Secondly, there’s the multiple family gatherings . Most singles dream of the day when they can take that special someone home to meet the parents. I definitely did. I normally lived in another state than my family, so I always could add in the pressure of all the questions about the current state of affairs in my love life, all from well-meaning relatives and friends, but nonetheless highlighting my acute singles awareness.

These happenings are only two of many that singles may face this year. Singleness during the holidays can send a barrage of lies and negative thoughts that can batter our self-worth and take away from the joy of the season. Believe me, I think I experienced all of them.

I wish I would have had some of the insights and revelation I now carry for how to survive the holidays while single…. Continue reading the full blog post here on


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