The 411 of Online Dating

Keeping your head up while dating can be challenging, we understand.  Online dating has its own set of challenges, but it also has some really great benefits. We go over both in this article and hope it helps you to keep moving forward in hope! Here’s the 411 of online dating.

  1. Understanding that online dating is one of many ways to meet someone is a great mindset to cultivate. You’re giving God something to work with and allowing Him to work out the details of how it will all come together in terms of meeting that special someone. He can’t steer a parked car, and online dating is just one way of many He could bring your match into your life.
  2. Keep moving forward through disappointing interactions. Part of the journey of finding love includes walking through some relationships that didn’t work out or that had no spark. Also, we screen each new member at OnDaySix, but sometimes some fake profiles make it through our system. Please let us know if you see any profiles that are questionable and we will look into each one.  It only takes one incredible connection to lead to a lifetime love though, so keep on keepin’ on!
  3. In 2017, online dating became the most common way for newlyweds to meet their spouse with 19% of brides saying they met their match online. According to the Knot, meeting via dating sites has now surpassed more traditionally popular venues, including through friends (17%), during college (15%), and at work (12%).
  4. Couples who meet online seem to marry more quickly as they are dating with a purpose. Anyone who is serious about meeting someone had to take time and energy to set up a great online profile and to put even more time and energy into actually reaching out in communication with potential matches. What we put our focus and energy on grows. You’re not going to meet someone by accident online and it will take intentionality and perseverance. According to a recent study, couples who meet online get married more quickly than those who meet offline because when people with similar beliefs, life direction and compatibility meet, they don’t hit the road blocks that some who may meet in a less intentional way.


The OnDaySix Team

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