A Modern Day Fairy Tale

This poem was written by one of the couples that met at OnDaySix and was on their wedding invitation:


Once upon a time

Near shores of Lake Michigan

Lived a boy with blue eyes

The heart of a King

And an insatiable thirst for adventure.


At the very same time

On a pig farm in Texas

Lived a golden-haired girl

Who dreamed of a King

And of love as she shoveled manure.


Soon as he was grown

He enrolled in the Fleet

Where he sailed the great seas

He soared with the birds

And searched the whole earth for true love.


The time came for her

To move to the River

Where she studied the heart

She helped those in need

And prayed to her God up above.


And they waited…

And they waited…

And they waited some more.


Until they were both very sure

They couldn’t wait any more.


When his fairy godfather

And her fairy godparents

Mentioned a dating website

Called OnDaySix.com


And the rest,

As you know,

Is history.

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