Robert & Terri’s Success Story

A letter from Robert:
My name is Robert, and I wanted to thank you for creating this absolute diamond in the rough of online dating, for those of us that love Jesus and are looking for a wife/husband.  Particularly for those of us that are part of the Bethel culture. I had a conversation with God years ago when I was a very young man, and wrote down in vivid detail, the woman I wanted to marry one day.  And as the years went by, I wondered if this fantasy of a woman, that embodied perfection in every way, that I created in my heart and mind, actually existed, or if I needed to tone it down a lil bit. Well, on November 12 2016, I met a woman on your site.  We got married on May 31st, 2017, and she is sitting next to me, right now, trying to control this email as I am typing 🙂
We just wanted to extend this gratitude and a big thank you for being courageous and stepping out and meeting a huge need in the world and in the Body of Christ.
Thank you so much!

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