The Journey Begins…

The staff & contributors at are honored to have you here as we begin this journey to promote healthy dating, to empower Christians to choose one another with wisdom, and to teach them how to love well.

Why Blog About Dating?
Two of the most popular Google searches that include the word “Christian” are “Christian Dating” and “Christian Single”. There’s a huge hunger for wisdom, community and direction for Christian singles and there’s not been a ton of culturally relevant good counsel out there.

So here we are. We are bringing our voice to answer the questions, explore the topics you face and inspire you to build an incredible relationship.

We’d love you to join in on the conversation. Click our “ask a question” button to submit a question you’d love our staff to address in an upcoming blog.

The OnDaySix Team

7 Replies to “The Journey Begins…”

  • John

    I am really excited about this . I can’t wait till you start posting.

  • Nina V.

    Since you all are super new and everything (I noticed you only have 3 people including me from the state of Missouri, lol) And I am Sooo conveniently centrally located and everything… I would love to offer my services as a spokes model for your up and coming site ;} You can check out my Acting resume on my facebook account if you want <3

  • Laurie

    Great article, encouraging men to step up and be the pursuers. I’ve had mixed feelings about what is/isn’t right for me as a woman with regard to all of this so am encouraged and will look forward to reading the one aimed @ women.

  • David

    Whenever the idea of pursuit is brought up, I always feel like there are more questions than answers because it seems so much more complex in reality. The major problem with this whole matter of pursuit isn’t that men aren’t aware they should pursue, but what the pursuit is. What is “the pursuit”? What does it look like? If men are supposed to pursue, are women supposed to always be “running”? What does pursuit look like when the woman doesn’t have some kind of personality flaw to overlook (a common hurdle in many hollywood “pursuit” stories we learn from) or life isn’t throwing curveballs to interfere with the relationship (what seems like the other 50% of pursuit stories)? In other words, what does pursuit look like when God is really ruling the lives of both people?

    Regarding communicating specifically, respect factors in, too. What are the signs to stop pursuing and leave someone alone? Are you supposed to push through [apparent] disinterest or heed it? It isn’t so easy on the internet where things like gaps in communication and lack of tone leave big question marks about what people are thinking.

  • Jenay

    Okay I’m convinced. Let’s put it to action.

  • Buddy

    Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand atricle on this topic.

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