Litasha & Evan’s Success Story

Evan & Litasha almost crossed paths in 2011 when Litasha visited the Bethel School of Ministry in Redding California while she was on her US tour with Redeem the Shadows speaking to churches about human trafficking. It just so happened that Evan was attending this very same school in 2011, but he was not in class the week Litasha visited because he was on a missions trip to Honduras.

While she was visiting Bethel she met several of Evan’s friends and when she left the school she said a prayer to the Lord she’d like her future husband to have attended this school.

Fast forward to 2014, where both Litasha and Evan were members of and both were considering deleting their profiles but both felt a nudge from the Lord to keep their profiles active. Litasha came across Evan’s profile while she was searching for people in Florida. She read through his profile and really liked the spiritual commonalities they shared and his love of Nutella. She also saw that in one of his profile photos he was with his friend Quillan whom she had met during her visit to Bethel. Litasha sent Evan a wink through the dating site on August 26 and a week later he sent her a message because he was also very interested after seeing and reading her profile.

Litasha saw she received a message from Evan and then had to decide if she wanted to pay the $15 to read it. She was so curious about this Evan that she paid the membership fee and was delighted with what she read.You could say it’s the best $15 Litasha ever spent. Evan and Litasha began to exchange e-mails for two weeks and then Evan sent Litasha his number and asked for her number so the two could speak on the phone.

Our two lovebirds had their first phone conversation on October 23rd and the conversation lasted over 2 hours as they spoke realizing how many things in common they had shared in life and experienced.

These 2 and a half hours flew by with ease as they laughed and grew in fondness for each other. Litasha even wore out holes in her socks from walking outside while talking on the phone to Evan.

The very next weekend of November 1st Evan drove 3 hours across Florida to meet the lovely Litasha for a whole weekend of fun dates. When Evan pulled into the driveway he was warmly greeted by Mrs. Davis in her gardening gear. She gave him a hug and Litasha walked out of the front door and said, “Hey I’m supposed to hug him first”. Evan was lost for words to describe Litasha and her joyful glow. Litasha thought oooh he is even more handsome than his pictures.

The two giggled and hopped into the car to begin their adventure in the downtown Stuart Florida.The date lasted for 11 hours and continued the next day at the Stuart air show with Litasha’s family.While at the airshow, Mr. Davis coined our favorite phrase, “How Peculiar” when he noticed that we had very similar sunglasses. And the two have been very peculiar ever since then as they have noted the numerous commonalities they share.

Mrs. Davis told Litasha that she and Mr. Davis thought that Evan was the one after the end of the first date weekend. Litasha replied happily saying, “me too”! The following weekend Evan invited Litasha to be his wedding date at a very close family friend’s wedding. Before the wedding Litasha was able to meet Evan’s parents who flew down from North Carolina for the wedding in Fort Lauderdale Florida. They went to Outback to have lunch before the wedding and to meet the lady who Evan couldn’t stop talking about. His parents had to see if Litasha liked Evan as much as he liked her. It was a wonderful lunch and Evan’s parents definitely approved saying things like she is adorable and filled with joy.

After lunch Evan and Litasha headed to the wedding. Litasha’s prayer request earlier that morning was that Evan would make his intentions known to her. Later that evening of November 9th Litasha’s prayer request was answered. Evan asked her to be his girlfriend while the two were standing outside under the stars on the sky deck atop the ballroom tower of the Hyatt Regency. They both were thrilled and gave each other joyful hugs and danced the night away at the wedding.

One week after the wedding Litasha and her parents drove to Ft. Myers to spend the weekend with Evan and his Parents who were still visiting. The whole weekend was filled with fun adventures but the greatest moment happened when their families were all taking a walk on the beach. Litasha thought “this would be the perfect spot for a first kiss, but our parents are here.” Evan saw that both sets of parents were walking ahead of them and he too had the exact same thought, “this is the perfect spot for a first kiss.” He bravely took Litasha’s hand and pulled her towards himself and said “come here you” and sweetly gave her their first kiss. Litasha was so happy that her thought had just came true!

As Thanksgiving weekend approached Evan had already booked flights to spend the holidays with his friends in Washington State so the two had to wait 3 weeks before they saw each other again. During these 3 weeks their fondness for each other grew in leaps and bounds as they shared their adventures over phone calls and Skype.

Evan had returned from his Thanksgiving trip by the weekend of December 5th, so Litasha went to visit Evan in Fort Myers for a wonderful date weekend. After they had prepared dinner, the two were talking when out of Litasha’s mouth spilled the words “I love…love…like you.” Litasha had been thinking in her heart that she loved him but was only going to say she liked him but her heart had taken over her lips. Before Litasha could process what had come out of her mouth, Evan while holding her hands said, “I love you too Litasha.” This opened Litasha up to share all her feelings and while she was looking into his eyes her heart once again took over her lips and she said “So you want to marry me? “She had meant to say, “So you see this leading toward marriage?”

Evan replied immediately with a huge smile saying, “yes, I do.” Then he followed up his response by saying, “shouldn’t you ask my father for my hand in marriage first?” The two were blushing and giggling as they talked the night away freely sharing their feelings for each other.

Every weekend after this, Evan or Litasha would drive 3 hours to visit each other in either Ft. Myers or in Stuart. As the Christmas holidays approached Evan was in Stuart one weekend accompanying Litasha to a Christmas party and a wedding. During that weekend Litasha unfortunately came down with the flu after the festivities but she was able to see how Evan took care of her so well! Evan had to head back home to Fort Myers to work a couple days before Christmas but he returned and surprised Litasha a day early on December 23rd. What Litasha didn’t know is that he had come into town earlier that day to take her parents out to dinner at Sailors Return and ask them permission for her hand in marriage. Her parents happily said yes and Evan began planning on how to propose.

On December 26th Evan and Litasha went ring shopping since they knew they wanted to marry each other. They visited a couple of shops around Stuart before they found the perfect ring at “Jareds”. Evan pointed out a ring that caught his eye and showed it to Litasha and she was speechless. Evan knew that this was the ring, but what he didn’t know was this was the exact vision the Lord gave her for what her engagement/wedding ring would look like.

Three romance filled weekends went by before Evan asked one of the most important questions, “Will you marry me.” I’m sure some of you are dying to hear the story so here is how the beautiful proposal happened. On January 10, 2015 Evan took Litasha to her favorite beach spot called the House of Refuge around 3:00 pm. As they were walking down the beach Litasha saw paper lantern bags along the beach ahead making an aisle to a beautiful heart design. Evan said, “Looks like someone set up for the sunset”. Then Litasha spotted her photography partner Heather with her camera. This is when Litasha turned to Evan and said, “Babe, what are they doing here”? Evan smiled and led Litasha down the aisle he had set up for her and there he declared his love for her with many beautiful words. Then he got down on one knee and said, “Litasha Marie Davis will you marry me”. Litasha said, “Yes” and he slipped the ring onto her finger and they kissed excitedly!

Their love story continues to grow deeper and deeper every day! They were married July 11, 2015.

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