Five Simple Ways to Create A Place for a Relationship and Love to Grow

Have you met someone new of interest? Possibly you’re about to.

Maybe you’re already in a relationship and desiring for it to move forward.

God is on the move to connect singles into lasting, marriage relationships. So exciting!

Many of the recent blog posts have been on how to prepare your heart and mind as well as how to align your beliefs biblically to create a place for that to happen. If you’ve been doing this, you’ve been giving God a lot to work with. Exciting and hopeful times!

Partnering our beliefs and actions with what God is saying and releasing will cause us to ride this wave of momentum that He’s creating!

There are a few simple ways to create a place for love to grow in a relationship when you do connect with someone of interest. Men and women are similar when they are ready to fall in love. They are excited, nervous if they don’t hear from their person of interest for a period of time longer than expected and not interested in games. Games are for children, not grown adults ready for love. Good soil for love and relationships to grow is important in every stage of a relationship, including marriage.

Here’s Five Simple Ways to Create A Place for a Relationship and Love to Grow:

1) Be a safe place for that person. How a person feels around you when they’re with you is a huge reason that people fall in love and stay in love. Are you creating a safe place free of control and pressure for love to blossom? Take the pressure off of knowing if they’re the right person, if they have all the right qualities, or if your family will love them. Just enjoy getting to know them as a person. Enjoy getting to know who they are. You will figure the other pieces out at the right time with the right questions and more naturally if the relationship progresses.

2) Rest in God. A person that is at rest in God is attractive. They tend to be less moody and anxious. They create an inviting atmosphere to be around. They trust that if this is the person that they will walk through life with, the relationship will head that way. Of course we’re not passive people, but we are at rest and peace in our trust in God’s goodness.

3) Don’t just be the giver, be able to receive in the same way.
This is huge, and a mistake that I see both men and women make over and over. I’ve discussed this before, but when one person gives way more than the other person continually in a relationship, it has the opposite effect from creating chemistry. Relationships are about giving and receiving. Allow yourself to receive and enjoy the relationship in the same way that you would give. This creates partnership and chemistry. It also allows for you to feel powerful and amazing in the relationship and not just someone’s doormat.

4) 1 Corinthians 13. If you have any questions about how to create an atmosphere of love, this is the place to turn. Kindness, protection, patience, perseverance, hope….God is love and gave us the perfect definition. Receive His kindness, protection, patience, perseverance and hope today to an even greater level, you’ll never be the same again. You’ll love from this place of having received all of these things from Him.

5) Be powerful in the relationship.
Express how you feel and don’t be afraid to let the other person know when they have done something that made you feel happy and taken care of. People that are ready to fall in love enjoy knowing what makes the other person happy. This will also help strengthen #3. It helps the other person know what you like to receive in the relationship, which in turns helps them know what to give. If they are doing something that has a negative effect on you, this is important to express as well. Be open and inviting while being honest about your feelings. Don’t shut down when something negative happens, express how it made you feel. This creates a safe place to discuss the relationship and a way to move forward.

Great declaration for today: I’m the leading lady (or man) of my life partnered with God who loves me more than I could imagine. He’s all powerful and backing me as I move towards a marriage relationship.

Wendee Mannon, CEO OnDaySix

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