Your Browser or Mine? Dating Advice

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So what does online dating mean for the Christian’s traditional question of whether it’s okay for a woman to pursue a man in the 21st century? Let’s start here as we begin lending a voice to help navigate through today’s Christian dating culture. Whether online or offline, there are some things that remain the same. I’m referring to that of masculine initiative. Moving the first conversation online certainly doesn’t change everything. We still hear from the female race all the time, “Why hasn’t he asked me out?” “Is it okay if I’m the one pursuing?” “Where does masculine initiative start and female pursuit begin or end?”.

Here is the straightforward, unadulterated truth for men: you were created to be initiators, protectors, leaders, and to be bold and courageous. A woman may not be something to be conquered, but she is certainly someone to be pursued by none other than you. The craziest part of this whole mars-venus game is that she wants YOU to pursue her! So many women in this world have tried to play the waiting game for years until finally taking the gloves off to start going after relationship. I believe we have more women today then ever before who feel the need to be the pursuer even though they’d much rather be sought after. The strongest argument I hear from men is that girls don’t know what they want or the men are too fearful to be rejected. Guess what guys? That’s part of it, no successful cowboy ever got bucked off and walked away to become a western success.

If you want the girl of your dreams, you will never get her by hiding behind the cooler on the sidelines, it’s because you put yourself into the game knowing full well you might be knocked down or pushed around, so what!? Isn’t that girl of your dreams worth being bold for and putting yourself out there even if it means being rejected by the ones that didn’t see the greatness in you? You don’t master anything overnight, but you get better through experience. So if you never pursue, how can you expect yourself to be good at it? Practice makes perfect.

In the next blog post we’ll be addressing the ladies and where your roll in pursuit should be, which commonly is the most confusing part in the dating game for women altogether. You do have a part women! However, it just may not be to the extent or length you think it should. The ladies are up next!

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