Keep it up, gentlemen!

I dropped by a local coffee shop today to grab my americano on my way to watch a friend’s son for a couple hours. As I approached the door, a man was exiting and he looked directly at me and moved to the side to hold the door open for me to enter. At the same moment that I was approaching the door, two men were walking towards the door but entering on the left hand side as I was entering from the right. They stepped in front of me and got in line at the coffee shop (also in front of me), meanwhile the kind man was still holding the door open for me, and he gave me that look, like, geez, really? I was kind of a little bit annoyed. Actually to be honest, I was quite annoyed. I married a Texan. They open doors for anyone and everyone. Period.

I wasn’t necessarily annoyed because it was happening to me, I was just annoyed because I think it happens far too much this day in age.

Come to find out, the men are single as was made clear through conversations they were having in the coffee shop and probably in their 30’s. I thought about nicely stopping them and mentioning that women really appreciate when men hold doors open for them, especially single, available women, but then I thought better of that.

Now, this isn’t a post to bash men for not opening doors. It just really struck me. It struck me that I think kindness and gentlemanly behavior is far too underrated this day in age and not applauded enough. I thought about the many men on this website who are gentlemen that still open doors for ladies, pay for the first dates, compliment the women they’re dating and respect them enough to honor their purity.

I wanted to encourage each of you men to keep it up, you’re doing something that is very important and needed in this generation. You’re cultivating a culture of honor. You’re doing something that will attract your future wife because she’ll notice those things on the first encounter that you ever have. You’re doing something that will be passed along to your children, which is a culture of honoring women. Not because they’re weaker, but because they’re God’s beautiful creation. Honor breeds honor, and I can guarantee you that a woman that values herself will appreciate these acts of kindness and reciprocate the honor.

I had an experience about a week ago that I remembered today after this happened. A young man about the age of 12 was exiting the same coffee shop with his family in front of him, and he opened the door and let me walk through before him on the way out. Honestly, I was kind of shocked because normally at that age they’re thinking about other things and not necessarily even aware of anything remotely connected to opening a door for a woman. I knew that was a special kid, that someone had taught him to honor in that way. It stuck with me.

I just want to again say, keep it up, men. Honor with confidence and strength. Believe me, you’ll stick out in the crowd of men. The younger men (and hopefully older men too) will watch you and learn. It’ll pay off, women love gentlemen. Don’t you agree, ladies?

Wendee Mannon, CEO–

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  • John

    I do hold doors open for whomever is behind me. Men tend to say thank you, women tend to give me dirty looks. That’s not going to make me stop holding doors, but it has given me a rather dim view of women today.


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