Risk = Reward

In life and relationships, risk usually equals a reward. Disclaimer: Done with wisdom! This journey of moving towards love involves ‘putting yourself out there’ in the dating world in ways that may seem terrifying at the most and stretching at the least. These stretching steps which can include but are not limited to jumping into the online dating world actively, attending a speed dating event, allowing yourself to be set up by friends, getting relationship coaching, showing interest in someone, and the list goes on.  I remember taking all of these risks while I was single (except Speed Dating as there was never that option presented). I get the privilege of being  a part of many of you ‘stepping out’ into some unknown and sometimes scary situations. I understand it can be challenging and rewarding all while sometimes being just plain downright scary.

We take these risks in other areas of life. Think about it. We get a personal trainer at the gym, advance in our education through schooling of all sorts, adventure in new ways, attend conferences for work and spiritual advancement etc, etc, etc, but this area of the heart and relationships can be especially scary and unknown. The risk feels overwhelming sometimes, especially if we aren’t quite seeing the reward we thought we would or as quickly as we hoped. Sometimes it feels as though we may be treading in water that is taboo so to speak. But we do it in every other area…that is always so interesting to me. I wonder why that is?

Congratulations on taking risk in this area of relationship, it’s something to be proud of. Not everyone does it. It takes courage. It takes opening your heart up. You’re planting seeds into relationship. You’re planting seeds that will grow into something substantial and lasting, but as God likes to do, we can sometimes sow seeds in one field only to have the harvest pop up in a different field. Or we can sow in a field and we reap the harvest in that same field. We don’t really know and most the time can’t predict.

You could be spending time developing relationships around you at your church or workplace and God may connect you through the online medium. You could be taking time investing in relationship online and meet someone at your local coffee shop. Who knows what God will do?  One thing we do know is He is faithful to bring His best to pass in our lives.  All He asks is we take steps forward into those things in faith, even if it’s the size of a mustard seed, and sometimes those steps look and feel very risky.

“I planted, Apolos watered, but God caused the growth.” 1 Corinthians 3:6-8

So, we live with expectancy of God’s goodness invading our lives, but we take the expectations off of the ‘how’ it will take place.  We take risks knowing that God blesses faith and we pepper that road of steps with thankfulness. Being thankful and having gratitude actually changes the neuroplasticity of our brains. That’s a really big deal.

Happy Wednesday!

Risk = Reward.

Wendee Mannon, OnDaySix CEO

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