Dating an Introvert

Dating an introvert can hold some mystery if you tend to carry more extrovert tendencies in your personality. To help with this journey, we’ve compiled some tips from our own journeys as you embark into the unknown. Disclaimer: there’s always an exception with personality traits.

Let’s clarify what the definition of an introvert is. Basically, someone who recharges their batteries through solitude and reflection. Many introverts are social and can be outgoing and look somewhat extroverted. Also, many people sit on the edge between extrovert and introvert. Extroverts get their batteries recharged by being around people. Those who sit on the edge of the two personality types can switch at any moment, so this is good information to hold in any relationship.

One skill that should be emphasized that will help with every part of a relationship is COMMUNICATION. We’re highlighting why this is especially important when dating an introvert.

1) ASK.

If you have a question about something that seems to be going on with your introverted date, ASK. Open up the lines of communication. If they don’t feel comfortable sharing, that’s ok. But it’s always best to ask and allow the relationship to go deeper. Many times, an introvert will not share unless asked to, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship.


Fluffy conversations or what seems fluffy to them, tend to bore an introvert. They want to go deep and share what to them is meaningful connection. Extroverts can spend hours bantering back and forth with movie quotes and song lyrics and leave happily entertained and fulfilled. You’ll find an introvert retreating to their phone during these outbursts or quietly observing this strange interaction from afar. That doesn’t mean an introvert doesn’t appreciate these types of interactions, they just may need a recharge session after this occurs.


Make sure if you are spending the day with your introverted partner that you allow times of rest from groups of people. Schedule times where it’s just the two of you between social gatherings or times to just recharge over a cup of coffee or a movie. Communicate the schedule with them and both of you can come to a decision on the plan. It will take frustrations out of the day and allow for life to be lived well for both parties, extrovert and introvert. Social interactions with large groups will tend to drain an introvert.


Communicate events or occurrences that are very important to you through your words. Extroverts have a lot going on socially, so communicating which events you’d really like them to be with you at will be important. They will make a priority if they know it’s important for you. You can go out and do things without your introverted partner. It will be important if you’re extroverted that you also make this a priority and communicate well through these situations.


Don’t get nervous when it’s quiet. Silence is golden for an introvert. They will need times of no talking because talking will require thinking and they think through things in times of quiet. This can be a little challenging for an extrovert because talking helps them process and think through things. Again, communicate through this.


Even through your differences, many healthy and successful relationship occur between introverts and extroverts. Enjoy each other and have fun.


The OnDaySix Team


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