Get More Activity on Your Profile-5 Quick Tips


Want more activity on your OnDaySix profile? Well, who doesn’t want more activity really?…If you’re on the site, we assume you’re looking to connect with other Kingdom Minded Singles in the hopes of a significant romantic relationship that hopefully leads to marriage. (If this isn’t you, you can easily delete your own profile on your account page on the bottom right with the delete button.)

Here’s 5 quick tips to get more activity:

1) A Clear Profile Picture

Out of our thousands of members, we see many great profile photos. Guaranteed, these get more activity. Do you look at a profile that you can’t decipher the picture or worse, there’s a big question mark in the place where their face should be?? NO. We do see many question marks in the place of where your faces should be. Take a moment to upload a nice photo of yourself and see the activity on your profile increase. 99.9999% of people will not look at a profile that has no profile picture.

Note: To set your profile picture (avatar), there is a box that you get to arrange in the spot that you want on your picture to show the area that you’d like to highlight. Many people forget to utilize this feature and part of their faces are cut off or not seen. Check to make sure you’ve highlighted the part of your profile picture you want to show to other members searching the site. Using pictures that are less than 1MB will make the process quicker and easier and lo-res pictures show up clear on our site.

2) A Completed Profile

This seems self explanatory, but many people leave large portions of the information on their profile blank. People that are seriously utilizing the site are looking for complete information. Taking the time to fill this out will show other members that you’re serious about meeting a quality person. Not filling this out will show other members…well, you can guess what is projects out.

3) Short & Sweet Wins the Prize

Many times when someone clicks on your profile and they see a novel to read at first glance, they move onto the next. It can feel overwhelming to read so much information when the job of a profile is to give a quick snapshot of who you are.  Keep it short, sweet and make sure that your personality shines through. If you’re funny, sarcastic, thoughtful, quirky, or any other number of adjectives that describe YOU, make sure that’s shining through when people read your profile. Leave out detailed information about your past, a quick snapshot will spark interest and conversations should be had at a later date with all the details.

4) Send Out Friendly Winks or Emails

Many people sit back and wait for someone to contact them. This is the exact opposite of partnership with God to move forward. Take time and make finding someone a priority in your life. Send out friendly winks or emails, or if you’d like, we have guided communication through questions that you can utilize. Have PATIENCE and be PERSISTENT. Anything worth having and keeping in life takes both of these traits.

5) Get On Your Profile Regularly

Either something is a priority in your life or it’s not. Take time to be on the site regularly. Many new members sign up daily, so it’s always good to keep active and check your age range of members globally. We have members from all over the world, and we know from personal experience that distance is not an obstacle to God.

We hope you meet someone amazing!


The OnDaySix Team

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