Love Unstuck: Be the Leading Lady


“I know Wendee to be a woman who can speak to the issues and the character of a woman’s heart clearly and convincingly. I highly recommend Love Unstuck to any woman seeking to have a life long, quality relationship with her future spouse.”

–Danny Silk, President of Loving on Purpose and Author of Keep Your Love On

Love Unstuck is a practical and powerful look into healthy relationships. Wendee shares her own struggles and victories in her journey. Her story and insights will inspire you to great beliefs and great actions concerning relationships with men. I believe this book will increase the likelihood of good things happening in this important area of life.”

–Steve Backlund, Founder of Igniting Hope Ministries and Author of Igniting Faith in 40 Days

LOVE UNSTUCK: Be the Leading Lady

When we boil it down, life is really all about our relationship with God. We cannot be satisfied outside of Him. Not even a spouse can fill that God-shaped hole in us. From Him we get the love and acceptance we need because He is the lover of our soul. Out of Him, love and marriage and desire were created. Union – oneness – was His idea. Since desire comes from the Father, the longings that we have, find their origins in Him. Consequently, it’s His heart that longs for us to know and experience the kind of union that exists between Christ and His church, which we find mirrored in marriage.

Do you have a desire for marriage and a desire for partnership with a Godly man to spend your life with? I believe if you have that desire, God placed it there for a reason. He wants to fulfill that desire.

This book is designed for women who desire Godly partnership in marriage and want to move forward in that; it may be helpful for those who may feel like they are a little stuck or like they need a jump-start into love.

My intention is  to help you move forward with God towards your desire for marriage. God’s timing is perfect, but sometimes He’s waiting for us to take a step towards our desires so He can partner with us in the journey. His love is catalytic. It propels us into our dreams and desires.

This isn’t about a 12 step plan or finding love in 60 days; it’s about aligning our hearts and beliefs with what God has for us and taking steps towards that with Him. It’s about being authentically you and living from that place which will then, in turn, attract an authentic, marriage minded man.

This book is compiled with insights, thoughts and practical steps that I learned in my 33 years of singleness. This process led me to the man of my dreams and the love of my life. My passion is to share this journey with like minded women who desire what I did – a fulfilling marriage to a Godly man.

I am often asked by single, marriage-minded women how they can move forward in finding love. I wrote this guide as a response to that question to help them walk that road. Through navigating that journey personally to now owning an online Christian Dating site ( for Kingdom minded singles and offering personal relationship coaching for men and women of all ages, I feel the Lord has given me both the passion, breakthrough and assignment to help men and women connect into Godly marriages across the globe.

God is breathing on the area of singleness in the Church. He is releasing His heart and strategy for multitudes to enter healthy and happy marriages because this union is a display to the world of Christ’s catalytic love for the Church.  You are an empowered woman in this process and this is the time to fully realize and live from that place.

Here’s 7 things to remember as you read this book and navigate the romantic relationship and dating journey:

1. It is a journey.

Once in awhile you meet someone that married the first person they dated. I’ve only met one guy that this happened to. For whatever reason, for most, this process is a journey of self-discovery, partnering with God all while opening your heart to love from a place of being loved by God. It takes faith, patience, perseverance and divine guidance to make such a huge choice.

2. Don’t force it to happen.

I’ve seen a few relationships that people made happen and had to keep making happen. The journey of dating and choosing a spouse should be done with the understanding that God is big enough to ‘hook’ you up. You get to partner with Him and move forward. We saw in the Bible what happened when Abraham decided to make something happen. Ishmael’s can add more problems than we were meant to deal with in relationship. You have an excellent ‘gut feeling’ because the Holy Spirit resides inside of you and guides you. Go with your peace.

3. Resting in God during the process is your best choice.

When I trust, He succeeds.” Corrie Ten Boom

I love this quote. It states the gift that Christ gave us and our mindset as He purposed for Christians. He asks us to trust Him with our everything, all of the time. We get to walk forward in faith and allow Him to be in charge of the final result. That doesn’t mean we sit around and do nothing. God can’t steer a parked car. We get to focus our thoughts and intentions on His good plans for us as we take risks and move forward in and towards love; truly a beautiful process. He then is the one that brings the fulfillment of our desires as we move forward with Him.

4. Surround yourself with encouraging comrades.

Dating and romantic relationships can have ups and downs. Navigating yourself towards a relationship will present opportunities to get advice and bounce situations off friends as well as share the joys and challenges of love. Surround yourself with Godly, like-minded individuals that help keep your focus on God’s goodness and remind you how amazing you are.

5. Dating is not a flippant activity.

Dating can have a connotation of being ‘bad’ in the Christian world. The actual definition of dating from the dictionary is: a form of courtship consisting of social activities done by two people with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse. While the term has several meanings, it usually refers to the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social activity in public, together, as a couple. Dating is for mature people looking for a spouse, and that will be the way the term is used within context in this book.

6. You are fully complete as a single woman.

You are lacking nothing as a single woman in God. You’re fully complete. A husband is not your destiny nor does a husband make you complete. You are already complete in God. You can live a fulfilling and happy life before marriage.

7. Remember: You are amazing!

Keep this at the forefront of your mind. You are incredible. Enjoy the journey. You are the leading woman in your own love story accompanied by a God who loves you more than you could imagine.

–Wendee Mannon, CEO/Owner of and Author of Love Unstuck

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