Thankfulness, Happiness and Singleness…What’s the Connection?

thank_you_by_psd_on_flickrThankfulness, happiness and singleness…what’s the connection?

For one, happy people attract other happy people. That’s a good place to start. But, it goes much deeper.

There’s a whole lot to be said about being content and happy while single, but this is a Christian dating advice blog so we’ll focus on the connection when moving towards a committed, marriage relationship.

Thankfulness is a life choice that God put a huge importance on in scripture. He went as far to say in multiple scriptures, ‘Give thanks always or in all circumstances’

1 Thessalonians 5: 18 “Give thanks in all circumstances..”

Ephesians 5: 20 “Giving thanks always…”

All the below verses (and many, many more not mentioned) focus on thankfulness in scripture:

Colossians 3:15, Philippians 4:6, 2 Corinthians 9:15, Psalms 106:1, Psalms 106:1, Psalms 105:1, Psalms 118, Colossians 4:2, Psalm 30:12, Colossians 3:17, Isaiah 12:4-5, Psalm 100:4, Philemon 1:4, etc, etc., etc….

A favorite research study of mine being done currently by some scientists and filmmakers in LA called Soulpancake is “The Science of Happiness” which is looking into the new buzz towards the “Psychology of Positivity”. Many of them focus on thankfulness and gratitude as a key to happiness. This short video clip (2:48) features a woman who scored a perfect score on their ‘Happiness Test’. If you haven’t seen this, I’d encourage you to check it out!

God set up this spiritual law of thankfulness and gratitude bringing happiness and increase to us in scripture long, long ago. I just love that! All the keys for life are held within His word partnered with His Spirit’s revelation. The “Psychology of Positivity” is God’s idea too…great beliefs partnered with His Spirit = a great, supernatural life! If you’ve read even one of my posts, you’ll know I focus on taking out faulty belief systems at the root.

Thankfulness in life is incredibly important. It’s an area that I’m constantly challenged in. Sometimes a complaint can creep in more easily before a thankful word. It’s a choice and a pattern to reaffirm in our lives. One of the reasons I love the above video is that is how she began every day. Thankful for the little and thankful for the big….and don’t forget to watch your morning cartoons!

So, thankfulness, happiness and singleness…what’s the connection?

Attracting happy people, being thankful and happy and attracting the increase of God on your life. Plus God put a huge highlighter in scripture on thankfulness, for very good reason apparently.

Thankfulness during singleness was a muscle that I built during that time in my life. Sometimes we can get stuck in the negativity we’ve attributed to our singleness. This is also an incredibly important reminder to continue thankfulness even after a relationship doesn’t work out.

A good reminder is thankfulness increases happiness and brings increase in our lives in the area we focus it on. God puts His blessing and favor on thankfulness. Thank Him for the smallest seed in your life and the area that may be a source of negativity or sadness; let’s believe for God to produce fruit from those seeds of thankfulness.

Muscle building exercises for thankfulness in and out of a relationship:

Thanking God for a date (even if it was a bomb)! It was still a great opportunity to connect with someone else and learn how to interact with the opposite gender.

Thanking God for your future spouse. This gets your mind off of the fact that they might not quite have appeared yet, but they will.

Thanking God for all the ways He’s been faithful to you…big and small.

Thanking God for your friends and acquaintances that have found their spouse or are dating someone incredible. You can knock out both the ugly head of jealousy and increase your happiness through this simple act of thankfulness.

Thanking God for the opportunities He’s setting up for you to meet a life-long partner.

Thanking God for the incredible life you’ve had up to this point.

These are simple statements, but can feel hard if we’re stuck in a slump of unthankfulness (not sure that’s a word!) or just got out of a relationship, a bad break up or feel disappointed.

Take a few moments today to tell God what you’re thankful for; both past and future. I promise it’ll help lift your perspective and sow seeds into your future. He’s got a connection for you in that to happiness and your future spouse!

Wendee Mannon, Dating & Relationship Coach, OnDaySix-Writer, Wendee’s Bio

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